E-Waste in Schools

The IT @ School Project has been sanctioned with the Clean Governance Company under the Local Governments to provide mechanisms for setting up e-waste and recycling and further processing of e-waste in schools and educational institutions in the state. Accordingly, the school can receive a range of e-waste in the first phase of the UPS, CRT Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, received on or before March 31, Make sure that you check the school level committee. The second stage will be considered after the testing of the Technical Committee which is responsible for IT @ School project as e-waste. The Clean Kerala Company e-Waste is collected from an average 500kilogram e-waste centers. Therefore, collections would be made into clusters based on the available quantity in schools. Before tools are treated as e-waste, it should be ensured that it can not be used for any other purpose. Instruments of Warranty and AMC should not be included in e-waste. The e-waste management tools must be recorded in the stock register to reduce the risk. There is a list of devices that can be considered as e-waste, including computer, laptop, cabin, monitor, drives, printers, projectors, UPS, camera, speaker system, television, network components and generator. More than 10,000 schools and offices in the state would be eradicated, with some of the existing devices being eradicated.Download Circular from below download link.
E-Waste in Schools-Circular
User Manual - E-Waste
E-Waste Directions


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