Academic Master Plan

An academic master plan will be prepared at all schools before January 30, 2018, with a view to improving the academic standards the proposed master plan should be aimed at developing fully the diverse capabilities of the children. The school history, its present condition, and its academic aims for the near future would be included in the master plan.For more information see Downloads .
Academic Master Plan :Model
VISION 100 - A Presentation of Academic Master Plan
Academic Master Plan : Model
Academic Master Plan : Malayalam
Academic Master Plan : Hindi.English.Social Science
Academic Master Plan :PPT
Kerala  Shaala  Siddhi :Module
SHAALA SIDHI - A powerpoint Presentation
"Sradha" Help
Malayalathilakam  Help
Navaprabha Help
How To Prepare Academic Master Plan -Help File
Academic Master Plan:Check List
Academic Master Plan Model  :LP Section (Maths)
Academic Master Plan:Latest Circular Dtd.06/01/2018
Academic Master Plan -Article by Kaladharan Mash
Parent Training Module
Academic Master Plan-Model :GUPS Nedumattom,Idukki
Academic Master Plan-Model :DIET Lab School Thodupuzha


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