Leaves and Norms

Maternity Leave to female officers who join a new station on transfer before expiry of the sanctioned leave - Eligibility - Orders issued GOP No 14/2016/Fin dtd 27.01.2016
Availing Maternity Leave in Different Spells. Circular ADC2/61002/13/HSE dtd 24.12.2013
Paternity Leave Guidelines & Order dtd 11.08.2011
Leave salary claims of Gazetted Officers before authorisation from Accountant General - Authorising Drawing and Disbursing officers - Approved - orders issued - GO(P) No 03-2016-Fin dated 13-01-2016
KSR - Cancellation of un-availed portion of Leave Without Allowance - Instructions from Finance department - Circular No 39-2014-Fin dated 30-04-2014
Leave Without Allowance - Rejoining at the fag end of an academic year - request for cancellation of unavailedportion.GO 22194/J3/13/G.edn dtd 22-06-13
Grant of Leave without Allowance before completion of probation - GO(P) No.471-2012/fin Dated 23-08-2012
Leave without allowance (LWA)-Restrictions relaxed - GO(P) No 529-13-Fin Dated 22-10-13
Casual leave allowed to Cancer patients Enhanced GO(p) No. 4472013Fin. dtd 09.09.2013
Kerala Service Rules - Enhancement of Special Casual Leave for Organ Transplantation-GO(P) No 21-2016-Fin dated 07-02-2016
Kerala Service Rules-Special Casual Leave to disabled and Physically challenged employees - Modified Circular issued - Circular No 1-2016-Fin dated 08-01-2016
Leave Travel Concession - Rules Guidelines Issued GO(P)No 52013Fin Dated 02.01.2013
Special Casual Leave for parents of Physically Mentally Challenged-Guidelines dtd 06.08.2011
Special Casual Leave to Disabled and Physically handicapped employees-Clarification circular No. 132015 fin dtd 20.01.2015
Special Casual Leave to officers having children undergoing Chemotherapy, Dialysis, HIV GOP)No 3412014 Fin dated 18.08.2014
Leave Rule No:61to124


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